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Deer Creek Counseling Starting 2 DBT Groups for Littleton Clients

DBT for Teens – learn the important life skills of mindfulness and self awareness early! Next group starts Tuesday, October 22nd and meets every Tuesday 5:30-7PM (full), and Thursdays from 4:30-6PM.

DBT Skills for Adults – learn how to incorporate mindfulness and self awareness into your daily life and relationships! Group is ongoing Thursdays at 6:30PM.

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Cathryn Vega, MS.  Specializing in adolescents, adults and couples. Adolescent DBT group facilitator. Read more

What is Trauma Informed Care?
by Cathryn Vega, MS


When looking for a therapist, often the phrase “trauma informed therapy” comes up. What does that mean for clients and how does this influence client care? To start, trauma informed therapy looks at how past traumas affect our current behavior and thoughts. Trauma occurs in many different forms; childhood abuse or neglect, car accidents, bad breakups, violent crimes, or abandonment can all crack the lens through which people look at life. Because traumatized individuals view life through a cracked lens, these individuals can experience physical, emotional, spiritual, social and relational difficulties.

Often, trauma is ignored, downplayed, or shrouded in shame. Trauma informed care provides the client with a safe space to mourn the trauma and look at how the trauma has affected his or her life. The trauma informed therapist would help the client repair the cracked lens through which the client views life. Therapy focuses on asking the question, “What has happened in your life?” opposed to asking, “What’s wrong with you?”


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